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something special

Looking to create something truly unique?

Want to put your own stamp on things?

We can work with you to create the hair accessories of your dreams

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Creating a bespoke item is very exciting, allowing you to create a piece which is completely unique and personal to you!

Whether you have a fully formed design in mind or just the beginnings of an idea we can work together to bring your piece to life.


We start by discussing ideas: I will then create a mood board, and draw an illustration of how your piece could look. We can use an existing design as a starting point and incorporate beads, pearls and unique expertly crafted pieces to your exact specification, or we can create an entirely bespoke design. Contact us today to start your bespoke journey, we can't wait to work with you!


beautiful hand crafted ACCESSORIES

* BRIDAl * SPECIAL OCCASION * red carpet *

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